Our Process

One of the biggest differentiators in our industry is our approach to each individual search. Just like someone’s shoe-size, we approach each search based on four introductory questions:

  • Why is the position open?
  • What impact does this vacant position have on the organization as a whole?
  • What is the level of urgency in identifying the most qualified, cultural fit for this function?
  • What type of life science expertise is preferred in order to create a solution to the needs of your organization?

These questions are yet a small example in our life science niche approach. Different leadership have different expectations of a life science professional given their immediate needs as well as how life science influences their function. Direct interaction with the hiring manager offers the ability to capture the intangibles of the life science need as well as underdressed the level of urgency the hiring manager expresses. Generalists generalise, and specialists specialise!  This is why focus exclusively in life science search. This is what we know and, it is all we do!


When does the role need to be filled by? How is this work getting done currently? What are the implications if the role is not filled on time? Who needs to be involved in the hiring process?

Employer Brand

How important is brand perception? Who is your target market and does the message need to be consistent?


Is this confidential for any number of reasons?


Although firms often have discussions with contingent recruiters and you might cringe at the word “retained” as it stigmatises more money, it really is about the commitment level from both parties. When two parties collaborate together, it requires an investment – of time, energy, money, and resources. How involved is the Hiring Manager? HR? Are you willing to pre-set interview dates?

Therefore, we will agree at the start what commitments both parties are responsible for.




This is our opportunity to create the foundation of a partnership. We need to understand your company’s culture, assess your goals, identify your needs, and recognize your motivations. Since the definition of a successful hire exceeds meeting the qualifications on paper, this part of the process is vital.



We go beyond tapping into our extensive network of in life science. We dive into market research and competitive analysis, recognizing your competitors which allows us to ensure we are providing your company with the top-tier talent.



Analysis of backgrounds, motivations, and life science skill sets allows us to differentiate between top performers and average talent. Taking that further, our primary goal is to match the intangibles discovered during the evaluation process.



Our extensive analysis allows us to provide your company with the top talent. It is our priority to maintain these relationships throughout the interview process as well as post hire. Our team is proficient in providing assistance with relocation, the resignation process, and onboarding into a new company. We keep a finger on the pulse between both client and candidate to make sure we manage all expectations.